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There will be ‘laughing room only’ when two of a kind - Wayne Scott Kermond and his son Alexander 'Zan' Kermond take to the stage in a ‘generational-gap romp’. Where Song, Tap Dance, Slapstick and Comedy collide, creating Entertainment that will delight, titillate, and captivate audiences from Toowoomba to Timbuktu! It’s ‘V for Variety’, when THE multi-talented TAP BOYS bridge the gap from Frank Sinatra to Robbie Williams, and everything in between. Two heads are better than one. And for that matter so are two bodies, two pairs of arms and sets of feet - especially when those feet are tapping out a contagious rhythm. And, being 4th and 5th generation performers, they share a unique connection.... There is something special that passes across the footlights when they are on stage together. As a result, the audience fall in love with them – magic happens! Review: “Before an adoring crowd the Kermond’s showed there is no family business like show business. The patter, the pratfalls, the gags, songs, dancing and stories from these marvellous entertainers wowed the audience. They loved it - please bring this show back to town quickly!” Adelaide Advertiser * * * * *

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